Schedule an alluring couples massage in Jaco Costa Rica

Couples massage at Jaco Costa Rica

What could be better than enjoying a relaxing massage? Right, enjoy a relaxing massage together with someone special! Choose for a duo massage and enjoy an ultimate relaxing treatment together with your great love, a dear family member or a close friend. Sharing is caring!

What is a couples massage?

couples Massage at JacoAs the name suggests, during a duo massage two people are massaged simultaneously in the same room. Depending on the massage, it is performed by one or two masseurs. When you and your partner, mother or best friend both feel the need to de-stress and spend time together, a duo massage is the perfect solution. This way you catch two birds with one stone.

Enjoying a massage together

You can choose to have a romantic moment with your loved one, but you can also make it an enjoyable outing with a friend or family member. The most important thing about a duo massage is that you can share a wonderful massage with someone special. A couples massage is also the perfect way to introduce a massage to someone who has never had a massage before or who is nervous about being touched by strangers.

What can you expect from a couples Massage in Jaco?

In the massage parlour there will be two massage tables next to each other during a duo massage. Some salons offer different duo-massages, varying from the ultimate relaxation massage to a somewhat firmer massage. So the choice is entirely up to you. If you both want a different variation of a specific massage, this is often no problem. During the duo-massage you will receive a fine treatment that will be adapted to your wishes. A duo-massage is therefore just as personal as a normal massage and you do not need to be afraid of a one-size-fits-all treatment.

Good to know

There are no specific rules for a couples massage. You can use the moment to have a chat or to enjoy the silence and tranquility. When you are in a romantic mood, you can even choose to hold hands during the massage. The layout is entirely up to you.

The next time you book a massage, book one together with your loved one or a good friend. Rumor has it that couples and friends who enjoy a wellness moment together will stay together for the rest of their lives.